Hydronic Commercial Systems

The Key to Optimizing System Efficiency

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“As hydronic and domestic water systems age, or come on line for a tune-up, piping and pumping strategies and the condition of infrastructure are scrutinized by experts. Though the close inspection of operation and efficiency likely won’t inspire a “Mechanical Systems CSI” television series, there’s certainly no lack of interest by commercial system pros…”

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The Rundown of Modern Day Water Efficiency

Water Efficiency in the 21st Century: What are the concerns?

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“The combined regulatory standards and specification programs have been highly successful, with the result that water consumption has dropped nationwide — sometimes at the rate of as much as 1 percent per year. […] But, this success is not without some issues and consequences…”

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Contractors: Why It’s Time to Get Digital

Contractors: Why it’s time to get digital

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“Contractors, the time has arrived to modernize, save money, and get digital. Technology has changed dramatically over the past 5 years to your benefit. So much so that you can no longer ignore the importance and advantages of using some digital technology to your advantage. And the best part for you is that it’s so inexpensive that it’s nearly free…”

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The Price Change Bulletin

Keep Up With the Cost of Materials

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When running a plumbing contractor business (or any business), it’s crucial to have a handle on the costs of doing business. A portion of those costs can be attributed to the materials used to complete a job, so stay ahead of the curve and be aware of fluctuations in costs before they ever reach your bottom line. Click the following link to see recent and upcoming price changes: Price Increase Bulletin


Come See the SANIFLO Demonstration Van

Learn how you can SAVE TIME & MONEY when installing a bathroom or laundry room anywhere without major construction:

Saniflo Products are suitable for residential and commercial applications:

  • No need to break concrete
  • Above floor installation– completed in less than a day
  • Pre-assembled units with built in check valves
  • Only requires 3/4″ or 1″ discharge pipe
  • Multiple inlets for various connecting fixtures

The Saniflo demonstration van will be visiting Hajoca in Orlando:

October 21st, 2014, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

2499 Mercy Drive

Orlando, Florida 32808

Lunch will be provided***



Reducing Costs as Water Prices Rise

Reducing Costs as Water Prices Rise

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“Here is an example of the impact even one small change can have: In a facility where 40 hand washings per day are happening — at 30 seconds per hand washing, repeated 365 days — if an owner/operator switched out a faucet’s standard 2.2 gpm faucet aerator to a low-flow 0.5 gpm aerator, that facility could save more than 12,000 gallons of water per year. That’s a 77 percent savings. And, saving 12,000 gallons of water has a direct correlation to energy and sewage savings as well…”

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