Grundfos Ultra-Efficient Circulator Pumps

Grundfos Showcases Ultra-Efficient at OESP Road Show 2014

Grundfos Ultra-Efficient Circulator Pump

“MAGNA3 and ALPHA offer much more than the ability to match pump speed to varying system loads. Both circulators feature a variable-speed electronically commutated motor (ECM) that uses a patented integrated logic algorithm, AUTOADAPT™, to learn the varying energy use patterns of an application over time, enabling the software to automatically determine the lowest possible operating efficiency point…” Read More

Solar Pumping Technology Proves Itself

Solar pumping technology proves itself in Africa

Solar Pump Image 2

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Though the Kampani School and Clinic in the Zimbabwe’s remote Tsholotsho District aren’t far from the world famous Victoria Falls, it had been 20 years since either had a reliable source of fresh drinking water. Women and children walked an average of seven miles a day to haul surface water by bucket—and many of the clinic’s patients suffered from waterborne diseases.

That all dramatically changed in 2013 when Franklin Electric’s Franklin Wells for the World Foundation (FWWF) installed five wells in the region powered by Franklin’s innovative new SubDrive SolarPAK pumping system. Now, more than 12,000 people—many for the first time in their lives—have easy access to clean water…”

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Kohler Toilets – AquaPiston Canister Flush Valve

Take a Look at Kohler’s Canister Flush Valve Technology

Kohler Aquapiston

AquaPiston vs. Traditional Flappers

“Traditional flappers operate on a hinge, only partially opening upon actuation – limiting their flushing power. The AquaPiston canister lifts completely off the outlet valve, releasing water from 360 degrees around it rushing into the system. The result is Kohler’s most powerful gravity-fed flush that virtually eliminates plugging and makes for a longer rinse and cleaner bowl…” Read More